Enjoying Food on Vacation (What I Ate/Did in Hawaii)

Enjoying food while on vacation can be stressful for a lot of people because there is usually a lot of eating out involved. Depending on where you go, it can be difficult to find a fresh and healthy meal. Not to mention, it can be expensive. This past June I went to Oahu, Hawaii for a week and ate some pretty great things! I’m not going to lie… Eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day is something that worried me before I went, mostly because that kind of thing just makes my body feel pretty lousy after a while. Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE to eat out, but too much of it doesn’t always work well for my body. In this case it comes down to more about how I feel than how I look. I know a lot of people worry about gaining weight when they’re on vacation because it’s not as easy to cook a healthy meal as it is to go out for a burger and fries. But in Oahu, I made sure that I wasn’t going to let this mindset get in the way of having a great time.

Eating great food is part of the enjoyment of a vacation, so I think it’s important not to stress about what you’re putting into your body for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not every meal has to be perfectly healthy if you don’t want it to be, because eating what you think you should rather than what you actually want can take away from the vacation itself. This is something I used to overthink. During previous vacations, I would spend so much time worrying about which restaurant we were going to eat at next, or ordering the only salad on the menu (even when I’d rather be eating the pizza) to the point where the vacation itself no longer seemed important. The experiences were lost because the pressure I was giving myself to eat “healthy” would take over me. Rather than thinking like this throughout my time in Oahu, I knew I was going to eat WHAT I wanted, WHEN I wanted, and be happy about it. So that’s exactly what I did! Here are a few meals I had and a few things I did on the island.

The first day we walked around Waikiki beach and stopped at Duke’s for lunch. I got a quesadilla and Cisco had tacos, which I only took a video of so here’s a video screenshot of my food lol.

That night we went to a Luau, which was buffet style. I didn’t get any pictures, but we ate a TON of food that night. And the show was amazing. 

The next day we decided to drive around the entire island and stop at the North Shore. I had read about a shrimp truck called Giovanni’s and really wanted to find it (luckily, we did). But there were a ton a places to stop a take pictures along the way.

bad angle from the car, but we were driving right along the water for most of the trip

We made it to Giovanni’s and it did not disappoint! However, we are the type of people who take the shells off the shrimp so it got a little bit messy. I got the shrimp scampi and Cisco had one with lemon and butter.

Later we stopped at the Dole Plantation and got some Dole Whip (which you can actually find at a lot of places around Oahu, but the Dole Plantation one is supposedly “the best”). It was really good and we ate it all before I remembered to take a picture. 

The next morning we woke up at 3:30am so we could hike Koko Head (or, the Koko Crater Railway Hike) in time to see the sunrise. It was pitch black when we got there, so we couldn’t really see what we were hiking until later when we hiked back down. Luckily, there were actually a lot of other people hiking along with us so it didn’t even feel that scary being in complete darkness. Almost kind of relaxing. Once we got to the top it felt like you could see everything. There was water all around us.

the view at the top (we just barely made it for sunrise)
view from the other side
we were shocked at how steep it was and were wondering how we even made it up in the first place 
you can kind of see the trail going up on the left side

Next we went to Hanauma Bay to do some snorkeling. Everyone had to watch a 10 minute video about the importance of protecting sea life before we were able to walk down to the bay. I thought that was a really good idea because there were definitely things I that I hadn’t even thought about. We still need to get pictures printed from our film cameras, so we don’t have much from here. But I think the hike + snorkeling made this my favorite day of the trip.

Hanauma Bay

For dinner we went to Tommy Bahama on Waikiki (we were just walking around and thought it looked nice). I got some steak and Cisco had a fish thing. I think this was the priciest meal of the trip, but it was also soo good. 

The next day was for Lanikai Beach, which was another place that had been on my list for awhile. I heard this beach was one of the prettiest, so I was really excited! It was, but I honestly thought they were all really pretty so I couldn’t tell you my favorite. I didn’t get very many pictures at all because we spent most of the time in the water.

chex mix snack + cute towel from urban outfitters

Later that night we met up with one of my childhood friends for dinner. He had just moved to Oahu (literally that day!) and we happened to be there too. It was a weird coincidence, but it was great for Cisco and I to catch up with him. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant we went to, but I had pizza and a lot of moscow mules.

The next day was more of a relaxing day. We walked around Waikiki Beach, did some swimming, and I watched a lot of “Say Yes to the Dress” because it was the only good show available. I was also feeling like I wanted something fresh after the large amount of drinks the night before, so I had an acai bowl (I had another one earlier on the trip that I didn’t take a picture of).

Waikiki Beach

The last night was the only night I really sat and watched the sunset. The other nights I felt like we were too busy doing other things to take in the view. It was a nice way to end the trip.

The next day we went home and got into Seattle around 10pm with a bunch of snacks and gifts for our families (I went a little overboard). It was a great post-graduation trip and I’d love to head to a different island for even more views next time. 

And that was my trip! Thanks for reading.


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